Hopelab Projects

Hopelab teams work for weeks, months, even years through the phases of our innovation framework to discover, build, test, and distribute tech solutions that improve the health and happiness of teens and young adults. In cases where projects do not produce products, these sprints, workshops, and advisory roles with partner organizations often yield valuable insights and deep learnings. Learn more about our projects below.   

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Teen holding a vape pen

In partnership with an expert field of researchers, designers, and content creators, Hopelab is setting out to improve the physical and mental health of teens by designing technology to support their ability to quit vaping.

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Woman writing in a notebook for a teen
The Future of Healthcare

This capability will allow us the flexibility to support both for-profit and nonprofit teams dedicated to scaling social impact. The health challenges facing today’s young people are multidimensional, intersectional, and broad.

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Person holding a mint colored mobile phone

A research and engagement workshop with Elevate and Hopelab to better articulate the MoMba maternal mental health app’s value proposition.

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Woman holding a baby and kissing its hand.
Behavior Change

Over the course of two months, the teams discussed the overall strategy for developing and implementing the tool, landed on a process for choosing the right design and innovation firm for the project, and reviewed and clarified the product’s impact pathway.

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Young boy with backpack, smiling
Behavior Change

The UNICEF team engaged Hopelab in a two-day research and design workshop to share learnings on the benefits of help-giving and the power of prosocial motivation and ideate ways to the social-emotional effects of the Kid Power program.

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Three teen girls pointing at a mobile phone.
Mental Health

Working closely with The Jed Foundation, we worked through a process to author guidelines that would help create campaigns to save more lives.

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Teens looking at cell phones
Social Media

What leads to a positive social media experience? Hopelab teamed up with the Stanford Center for Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing to find out.

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