How might technology increase the scale and impact of the Nurse-Family Partnership program? 

Through our collaborative research, we found that moms and nurses are very interested in using technology to bolster the work they are doing together. We also uncovered that goal setting is a promising approach to keep moms engaged with the program and that technology can support nurses and moms in their goal-related efforts.

Learn why Goal Mama is so important to the Nurse-Family Partnership program, how it might increase retention in the program, and why this kind of technology matters for young mothers.

Award-Winning Programming

Goal Mama is the recipient of a first-place Design Value Award from the DMI Design Management Institute.

Learn More About Goal Mama and NFP

Watch this video that explains why goal-setting is so important to the NFP program and why Goal Mama plays such an integral role for first-time mothers.

What’s your goal mama?

The Goal Mama app and companion nurse dashboard was co-designed with moms and nurses to help better-set goals, track progress, and celebrate success. The product includes a variety of features to augment existing program materials and support client engagement, retention, and satisfaction. The HIPAA-compliant platform was co-developed with Ayogo, an award-winning health application firm. The product is available for Nurse-Family Partnership clients and their nurses. Combined, these sites serve more than 50,000 families each year.

Goal Mama Feature Overview

  • Goal setting, tracking, and support
  •  Mom to-do list
  • Foster healthy habits
  • Update topics for next visit
  • Receive encouragement from nurse
  • Quizzes to find priorities and mom strengths
  • NFP mom community
  • Essential parenting and pregnancy info
  • Nurse Dashboard for optimized client support


Testing Goal Mama in the Field

Hopelab is conducting a multi-site efficacy study with NFP to assess the impact of Goal Mama. Launched in June 2018, the pilot study is designed to assess the efficacy and impact of the Goal Mama app on program engagement and retention and to explore factors affecting implementation and app use at five sites across the country. You can learn more about this important implementation research here.

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Learn More About The Project

Interested in learning more about the creation and scaling of the Goal Mama app and nurse dashboard?

Watch a short demo video below:

See how we’re scaling Goal Mama to nurses across the country

Hear from our CEO, Margaret Laws about the impact of Goal Mama on first-time moms and their babies

Learn about the research behind Goal Mama from former Senior Director of Research, Danielle Ramo, Ph.D.

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