Do Your Best Work Here

We are a team of behavioral scientists, designers, and digital tech experts motivated by a spirit of co-creation, open-mindedness, continuous learning, and scientific grounding. Hopelab is founded by The Omidyar Group, a collection of organizations that support the vision of Pierre and Pam Omidyar. We are encouraged to catalyze social impact and create thriving, diverse communities where teens and young adults have resilient and healthy futures.

Intern At Hopelab

You won’t be fetching people’s coffee as a Hopelab intern; instead you’ll contribute and learn. For three months, you’ll work alongside researchers, designers, and strategists to develop tech that improves the health and happiness of young people, like you.

I enjoy the synergy at Hopelab—a space where a medley of people from diverse disciplines can work together to tackle complex, intersectional challenges. I also appreciate how we design with deep empathy, considering the unique features of the communities we design for, tailoring solutions that are relevant to their ecosystems and experiences.
Ashlyn Gary, Hopelab Intern, Summer 2020

Our Internships:

  • Require a commitment of at least 20hrs/week over the course of three months
  • Are not designed to convert into full-time positions
  • Are paid