About Hazel Health

Hazel Health partners with schools to eliminate barriers to quality healthcare for all children. Hazel’s culturally competent care team works alongside school nurses and parents to treat students’ physical and mental health conditions, connect families to local health resources, and advise on the next steps to ensure continuity of care. As the only telehealth provider designed specifically for schools, Hazel adheres to FERPA, HIPAA, and district policies for on-demand doctor visits from school or home.

We are thrilled to have Hopelab directly involved in Hazel’s efforts to bring integrated physical and mental health services for students. Hopelab has a rich history of bringing the best in design thinking and connecting it to the authentic voices of young people to develop powerful new products and services. Our missions could not be more aligned.
Josh Golomb, CEO

Why We Invested

Health inequity makes it particularly challenging for students from underrepresented backgrounds to access mental healthcare. Medicaid covers nearly half of all students and even more students of color, but most mental health providers don’t accept public insurance. Hazel Health addresses these challenges by providing access to high-quality healthcare via K-12 schools, regardless of students’ ability to pay.

Read more about our work with Hazel here.

Collaborations with Hazel Health

kid with backpack and headphones

Over the course of two weeks, Hazel Health worked with the Hopelab Studio team to gather insights from young people to inform and improve the product design of Hazel HEART™.

Dr Travis Gayles headshot smiling at camera with glitter circles and hazel health logo

Hazel’s team is working to deliver culturally competent care at scale. Dr. Travis Gayles, Hazel’s Chief Health Officer, shares his thoughts on the benefits of creating a culture of prevention within the healthcare system.