About Manatee

Manatee is a mental health company for families, kids, and teens. Manatee’s holistic care is built for modern families and considers the relationships, school environment, and community – made possible by seamlessly integrating their family app into daily life and access to a quality care team of licensed therapists, parent coaches, and peers. Learn more at getmanatee.com

As a parent of 3, I know it doesn’t make sense to treat a kid in a vacuum, because they don't live in a vacuum. Kids respond to the world they live in, and most importantly, their family relationships. The focus of care must be to strengthen the family unit and empower parents to become the best parents they can be. I am so excited to have Hopelab on board to ensure we stay true to the needs and desires of young people.
Damayanti Dipayana, co-founder and CEO of Manatee.

Why We Invested

There are few digital mental health solutions for children that actively and intentionally bring their families into the care plan. Studies have shown that happy parents and healthy family relationships lead to happier and healthier kids. Empowering parents with insights, tools, and skills to deepen relationships can positively impact children’s resilience, performance, motivation, and overall well-being.

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