TRACE is a mobile app created to foster a brighter and more gender-affirming future for transgender and non-binary individuals. Owned and operated by transgender folk, TRACE seeks to provide those in transition a safe place to document and celebrate their journey among a trusted community of allies.

Our investment from Hopelab Ventures was strategic from the start. We know the mission of Hopelab Ventures is to save lives, affirm, and help young people. This mission is directly in line with the mission of TRACE, to empower the transgender community by removing them from the isolation that often leads to suicide. Neither are an easy job, but we are up for the task here at TRACE and with a mission like Hopelab's we knew they are too.
Aydian Dowling (he/him), Co-Founder & CEO, TRACE

Why We Invested

Providing transgender and non-binary individuals with a supportive space during their transition is paramount to their well-being. Platforms like TRACE have the power to save lives by creating and connecting communities that affirm and support their identities.

Collaborations with TRACE

three people sit in front of large letters spelling P-E-N-N

Exploring equity-centered design thinking with the Eidos Summer Institute in support of LGBTQ+ health equity.

Trace app logo

Hopelab announces investment in TRACE; sees potential to achieve positive impact at scale as it begins to design and implementation of the app for youth seeking gender-affirming resources.