About Violet

Violet is the first and only cultural competence credentialing and upskilling platform for clinicians. They unlock inclusivity within care delivery organizations in order to power identity-centered care coordination for patients of culturally diverse communities.

By translating decades worth of research, Violet has identified the core elements of cultural competence. This clinically-measured framework allows them to objectively benchmark providers across the industry.

Why We Invested

Violet addresses a meaningful unmet need, as significant numbers of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ youth indicate that they do not currently have access to culturally competent care. There is currently a lack of infrastructure enabling inclusive care in the United States, despite regulatory tailwinds including increased industry focus on cultural competence and regulatory changes mandating health equity education. Violet has an opportunity to leverage these tailwinds to make quality care available to all.

Hear more about Violet’s mission and vision from Founder & CEO Gaurang Choksi.